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The positive impact of precision forestry projects across the globe

Ensuring the most efficient and future-proof forestry monitoring and management processes are in place is fundamental to long-term environmental, economic and social sustainability. Using precision forestry, which focuses on integrating new technology into these processes, is the answer.

The importance of Decision Support Systems (DDS) in forestry management and planning

When it comes to forestry management and planning, the more information you have at your fingertips the better you can get a bird’s-eye view of potential risks, such as climate change and deforestation. However, sifting through this information and understanding how to use different pieces of data for actionable outcomes is even more critical. And that is where Decision Support Systems (DSS) play a vital role.

European Forestry Regulations – The Journey To A Climate-Neutral EU by 2050

According to Forest Europe, forests cover 227 million hectares of total land in Europe. Protecting them as a critical carbon sink that absorb around 10% of total EU emissions needs to be at the top of the priority list. Here are the EU regulations keeping them protected.

Infrastructure Servitude Encroachment Monitoring

Using daily high resolution satellite imagery, we are able to monitor illegal dwelling encroachment into areas around power lines, pipelines, roads and servitude areas regarding municipal infrastructure. Aside from the illegal use of land and encroachment on servitudes being a violation of property rights, illegal encroachment into areas such as power lines and pipelines can pose a serious safety risk to individuals living in those areas as well as the surrounding communities.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

The idea behind regenerative agriculture is to create a cycle of life that supports both the plants and the animals on the farm, and also helps the environment around it. For example, healthy soil can store more carbon from the air, which is good for the climate. It can also hold more water, which is good for preventing droughts and floods.

It’s Time To Consolidate Your Forest Monitoring

Our Geospatial Forestry Platform is designed to package forestry monitoring solutions into a a set of easy to digest online dashboards that are straightforward and customizable. Essentially, the GFP delivers a ‘one-stop-shop’ for your tree monitoring requirements.

2021- Year in Review

This year, the growing Swift Geospatial dream-team celebrated our 5th Anniversary. Through access to the powerful technology provided by our partners Esri, Maxar, Planet, and Capella Space; Swift Geospatial has become more than a GIS company as we have taken it upon ourselves to apply these sophisticated tools in ways that contribute towards the healing of our planet. From participating towards the ending of deforestation, to mastering platforms for smart disaster prevention and innovating a MWh solar potential dashboard (whew!); 2021 has been a busy yet fulfilling year. And so, from all of us at Swift Geospatial, we wish you a blessed, safe and restful Christmas season. We cannot wait to share with you what we have in store for 2022

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