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Mine Monitoring

TSF – Dam Tailing Facilities Monitoring

Using sophisticated technology, remote sensing is indeed the most cost-effective, time-saving strategy for the monitoring of all mines.

The Future of Mine Monitoring – Remote Sensing & Satellite Imagery

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TSF Monitoring

TSF Monitoring

The sector of mineral exploration and extraction is inherently spatial and can make great use of GIS to reduce risk and reduce costs associated with providing relevant parties with information to facilitate timely decision making. Most mines tend to cover vast expanses of land, managers would then require access to relevant data of location-based information to guide their operation.

The tasks of mine management are ideally suited for geographic information system (GIS) technology. GIS is a versatile tool for gathering, storing, and accessing geographic information quickly and easily. Swift Geospatial are available to create a solution based on your requirements within the mining industry, including mine management, mine exploration and mine rehabilitation.

The Importance Of Tailings Dam Monitoring

Mining organisations are implementing modern and technological efficient methods of tailings dam monitoring. This provides greater visibility of conditions across mine tailings storage facilities. This is becoming increasingly important with governments and regulators intensifying their scrutiny of the current standards. Contact us to learn more about how Swift Geospatial is able to assist you in monitoring your mine waste management and tailings dams.

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Using SMART Technology To Monitor Mines

Using the best satellite imagery technology currently has to offer, Swift Geospatial can assist with cost-effective, time-saving strategies, including disaster prevention. In this article we focus on monitoring for mine management and how our high quality imagery empowers one not only for decision making purposes; but also to detect - with immediate effect - if any risks or triggers are activated as and when they happen.

Smart disaster prevention: monitoring your mine’s Tailing Storage Facility (TSF)

Monitoring your mine’s Tailings Storage Facility (TSF) is not merely a legal requirement, but a life or death responsibility. After all, the horrific (and fairly recent) case studies of TSF mismanagement catastrophes bear witness to the paramount importance thereof. Enter Swift Geospatial’s innovative methodology for TSF monitoring. Using the latest, most streamlined, high resolution and cloud-free satellite imagery technology available to date; time-savvy mining managers may remotely check their tailings dam status on a weekly basis.

How it Works

Swift Geospatial is in a unique position via access to the latest high resolution satellite imagery which when combined with GIS solutions from volumetrics (3D terrain data) to  encroachment detection.

Mining professionals use GIS to increase productivity and save costs. Engineers and operations staff use GIS for facility planning applications, helping miners keep track of existing infrastructure and integrating up-to-date information with the mine plan. Facility managers also use GIS to incorporate recent survey data with block models or design data from other software packages.

Simply put, there is no component of the mine that cannot be better managed with GIS technology.




Subsistence Monitoring


Encroachment Detection


The above and below imagery showcases the importance of active monitoring of a mine. Having an eye in the sky combined with near real time analytics can aid in decision support and management. Above is a general overview of the changes in broad scale mine monitoring. Further and more concise GIS monitoring solutions will provide greater data in the specific fields of encroachment, volumetrics and mine rehabilitation.

Online Platform – 24 Hour access to your custom designed online platform for graphical result display and decision support

  • Useful analytics

  • Near real time imagery

  • Active alerts

  • 24/7 Platform access

  • Proactive mine monitoring

  • Esri compliant

  • Online web-application

  • UAV ultra-high resolution imagery field assessments/analysis

  • Satellite based high resolution imagery field assessments/analysis

  • Remote desktop field assessments


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