2021- Year in Review

2021 has been good to us, and yes, we have been good to it in turn. True, it has been a whirlwind year, one that has brought on many new challenges, but it was these very challenges that have brought on direction in new visions and aspirations.

This year, the growing Swift Geospatial dream-team celebrated our 5th Anniversary. Through access to the powerful technology provided by our partners, namely Esri, Maxar, Planet, and Capella Space; we have taken it upon ourselves to use these sophisticated tools in order to better our planet.

Swift Geospatial has become more than a GIS company. Yes, it is true that we believe that we can change the world with remote sensing, so let us reflect on how we have achieved this so far this year…

Making our contribution towards ending deforestation

A strong emphasis has been based on contributing towards the ending of deforestation. Using remote sensing for pro-active tree monitoring of both existing and protected forests, as well as new reforestation initiatives (such as the work we are doing for search engine Ecosia and pan-African restoration initiative Afr100); we are empowering decision-makers to take their next best strategic moves towards a greener earth. 

This monitoring not only provides the evidence, transparency and accountability that is so badly needed within these initiatives; but it has also empowered decision-makers with clear data as to what is working, and what is not- and thereby informing responsible decisions moving forward. 

Placing emphasis on monitoring of carbon offsetting programs for the building of investor confidence; there is no stopping us from strengthening these platforms in order to make our mark in combating climate change- but 2021 was a pretty darn good start. 

Tree Counting Accountability

Mastering platforms for SMART disaster prevention

Badly managed tailings dams facilities are environmental catastrophes waiting to happen if one considers the horrific, worldwide headlines of the past, and that is why we built powerful, time-savvy platforms for smart disaster prevention. 

Through allowing mines to monitor their TSF’s through using the latest, most streamlined, high resolution and cloud-free satellite imagery technology available to date; our team developed a Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology (SMART) methodology to be used by responsible mining managers in order to remotely check their tailings dam status on a weekly basis- way before it is too late. Using satellite imagery for monitoring purposes is indeed the future of mine monitoring.

TSF Monitoring | Damn Tailings Monitoring | Swift Geospatial

Innovating a MWh solar potential dashboard

Our team realized that there is a need for strategically identifying structure suitability for harvesting solar potential. We therefore devised a tool for better decision-making purposes and developed a unique MWh solar potential dashboard, accessed through an easy-to-use online portal. This platform has enabled us to effectively identify and pinpoint the best existing structures in a given urban landscape that fulfill the requirements of solar harvesting.


Other noteworthy achievements of 2021:

We were proud to receive the Esri Partner Conference 2021 Award for Analytics to Insights for our GIS and remote sensing work this year. 

At Swift Geospatial, we believe that there is never a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Bettering one’s unique business model through the close monitoring of the status of one’s work is essential to identifying shortfalls, making better decisions and to be immediately alerted in times of emergency. This saves invaluable time, money and, most importantly, keeps our client’s clients happy through proactive information. 

A toast to 2021

2021 has been a year where we have perfected our methodologies to a tee; and we are thrilled with the feedback we have received thus far. An exciting year for sure, we feel as though we are making our mark on this beautiful planet through the incredible technology we are so privileged to use. 

And so, from all of us here at Swift Geospatial, we wish you a wonderful, blessed and safe Christmas season with your loved ones. We can’t wait to share with you what we have in store for 2022. Until then…