How Can Swift Geospatial play a role in EUDR Compliance?

EUDR aims to curb deforestation, forest degradation, and general environmental and human rights infractions in the production and consumption of certain imported and exported goods and commodities within the EU. Find out more about EUDR, why it matters and how Swift Geospatial can assist your business compliance through GIS and remote sensing solutions.

European Forestry Regulations – The Journey To A Climate-Neutral EU by 2050

According to Forest Europe, forests cover 227 million hectares of total land in Europe. Protecting them as a critical carbon sink that absorb around 10% of total EU emissions needs to be at the top of the priority list. Here are the EU regulations keeping them protected.

Forestry legislation and policy across Africa and South Africa

To protect the roughly 6.3 million square kilometres of forest in Africa, robust policies and legislation need to be put in place. Inroads are happening globally to better conserve, coordinate and sustain forested areas, from the Democratic Republic of Congo to South Africa and beyond. But this progress isn’t without its share of challenges. We've put together a list of legislation currently in use throughout South Africa and Africa.

Ending deforestation by 2030: How realistic are the bold promises of COP26?

COP26: World leaders have been so bold as to promise an end to deforestation by 2030. That is a short 8 years from now - not a long time at all in the grand scheme of saving our planet. Considering an area of forest the size of 27 football pitches (that’s about 2 625 hectares) is lost every minute. Indeed, the loss of forests - the earth’s carbon sinks - are a huge contributing factor towards climate change and global warming.

The Future Of Our Forests

Today is International Day of Forests for 2021. A great initiative to raise the awareness of the importance of our planets forests. This years theme is "Forest restoration: a path to recovery and well-being." Our latest article highlights some solutions currently in play that could be of a greater importance in the future. Such as Carbon Credits and what it could mean for the industry of forestry.

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