Swift Geospatial plan on continuing their good work within the forestry, mining and agriculture industry by moving towards natural forestry projection and encouraging the support of climate change by providing solutions that enable carbon credit support through forestry monitoring and further analysis within biomass estimation. The company continues to move further into automation through machine learning and AI by leveraging our partners throughout the earth observation industry.

Swift Geospatial and Esri South Africa work closely on current and potential projects.

Swift Geospatial provide ongoing support to Esri South Africa, whether this be via active marketing or project support. Promoting the Esri South Africa brand alongside the Swift Geospatial brand throughout marketing campaigns as well as work being accomplished.

Analytics to Insights Award

Thank you

We are very proud to announce that we have won the “Analytics to Insights Award” for delivering analytics and insights to users through location intelligence!
At Swift Geospatial we believe that better information leads to more inciteful decision making. We currently service multiple industries from mining through to forestry management. Providing insights into change detection, crop yield, dam tailings monitoring and more.
Thank you to Esri and Esri South Africa for the recognition. A special thank you to our wonderful team here at Swift Geospatial for their dedication and hard work.
We are very excited at what the future holds in store for us.