Satellite Imagery Procurement

High resolution satellite imagery available for purchase from the world’s top satellite imagery companies. Providing unparalleled image data to be used in our GIS applications.

Archive Satellite Monitoring Imagery

With full access to the entire DigitalGlobe and Planet archive, Swift can source any image form over 1 billion square kilometres. Please enquire to check the coverage over your area of interest.

New Tasking Of Satellite Imagery

If your project needs up to the minute information, or repeat collects of data to detect and measure what’s happening on the ground, then New tasking of one of DigitalGlobe’s advances satellites is the answer. With new tasking capabilities of up to 30cm, daily repeats, and advanced modes such as stereo, your projects needs will be met.

GIS - Remote Sensing - South Africa

Full Range Of Remote Sensing Services

The remote sensing services Swift Geospatial offers take satellite imagery and add a number of value added benefits. These include vegetation studies, mineral exploration, change detection and many more.


  • New satellite imagery tasking and analysis

  • Archived satellite imagery tasking and analysis

  • Monitoring projects

    • Surface water
    • Encroachment
    • Mine rehabilitation
    • Mine exploration
    • Agriculture
    • Plantations