Agricultural Insurance Monitoring

New developments in satellite technology and processing algorithms mean that satellite data is now able to provide near real time analytics tailored to the  agricultural insurance industry, leading to actionable information when it’s needed most.

Swift Geospatial is able to remotely monitor your agriculture fields for health, yield forecasting, remote field assessment, claim assistance and fraud detection whilst providing you with the latest imagery and alerts, all through an online web-portal.

How it Works

Proactive monitoring of agriculture for insurance purposes is now possible through the latest satellite information and high speed computing systems. Swift Geospatial has designed and implemented an online portal which delivers the results of these analyses, meaning insight is available anywhere in the world, at any time of the day.







RGB Colour ImageNDVI

The above swipe tool represents a colour image on the left and a NDVI image on the right, this images represent a tobacco field and the NDVI image clearing shows the health of this plantation. Imagery is a powerful tool for remote field assessments post claim

Online Platform

  • Agriculture field analytics

  • Near real time imagery

  • Active alerts

  • 24/7 Platform access

  • Proactive agriculture field monitoring

  • Esri compliant


24 Hour access to your custom designed online platform for graphical result display and decision support


  • UAV ultra-high resolution imagery field assessments/analysis
  • Satellite based high resolution imagery field assessments/analysis
  • Post claim analysis
  • Remote desktop field assessments
  • Claim assistance
  • Fraud detection
  • Online web-application