GIS solutions

GIS Analytics

Swift Geospatial has the ability to provide advanced GIS analytics to a range of applications, from zonal statistics analysis to trend analysis

Detail Mapping0-min

Detail Mapping

Landcover and landuse generation and detail mapping, the process is managed from geospatial data collection to the final product.

Map Creation0-min

Map Creation

A map can tell a thousand words, being able to create maps that tell a story and relay valuable information to decision makers is what sets Swift Geospatial apart.

Database implementation

Database implementation and management is a GIS step that is often over looked, let us set you up on the correct path.

GIS system0-min

GIS system implementation

As with Database implementation, these steps go hand in hand and should be outlined at the very beginning of your project. Swift Geospatial can assist with all types of GIS system implementation.

GIS training0-min

GIS training

Having the ability to transform spatial data into knowledge or merely generating your own map, GIS software training is a pivotal step for all up and coming GIS professionals, let us help you.

Informing Decision Makers

Remote Sensing0-min

Remote Sensing

Multispectral Imagery has a vast range of applications through remote sensing, from material identification to vegetation health monitoring. If you have a specific requirement and would like to know how we can help, please e-mail us at

Vegetation Analysis

Specialised sensors aboard satellites and UAVs have been developed specifically for vegetation analysis. Swift Geospatial has the ability to process this data so as to provide a range of products that can be used for vegetation detection, vegetation health monitoring and broad classification.

Geological Exploration

Geological Exploration for mineral deposits is possible through the use of multispectral imagery and has proven itself as a successful technology throughout the world. Swift Geospatial offers a full range of products and services to help your exploration project.