Plantation & Forestry Monitoring

Swift Geospatial has designed and implemented an online portal capable of providing a proactive forestry monitoring solution for forestry plantations. This is achieved by using the latest high resolution multispectral satellite imagery and cloud processing technology.

The monitoring results can be generated and delivered at a frequency that suits the business operation and budget. This can be quarterly, monthly, weekly or even now daily. With dynamic cloud-based processing, our solutions can scale from one compartment to an entire plantation covering many thousands of square kilometres.

Hectares Under Ongoing Monitoring
Countries Where We Operate

How it Works

Making use of the latest satellite and cloud technology, Swift Geospatial is able to remotely monitor forestry plantations for tree health, harvesting progress and fire break status. Satellite data is fed into our custom cloud processing engine and the results are delivered to the cloud platform in near real time. This solution offers the quickest and most cost-effective solution to monitoring forestry plantations of any size.



Multispectral NDVI compartment health analysis



Active tracking of harvesting status and progress



Status of fire break completion and Post fire damage analysis


The above images represent an NDVI image on the left and an RGB colour image on the right. This NDVI image represents the plantation health with dark orange showing healthy plantations and blue bare earth. The analysis through our custom models are then transformed into health status, harvesting status and fire break analysis for the forest manager to aid in tracking of the plantation and decision support

Online Platform

  • Near real time plantation analytics

  • Near real time imagery

  • Active alerts

  • Proactive plantation graphics

  • 24/7 Platform access

  • Esri compliant

24 Hour access to your custom designed online platform for graphical result display and decision support


  • High resolution 30cm – 50cm satellite imagery, 90 day imagery hold-back with daily refresh
  • Medium resolution 3m satellite imagery, 7 day imagery hold-back delivering daily imagery
  • Weekly NDVI analysis for individual compartment health
  • Weekly harvesting tracking analysis for individual compartments
  • Fire break analysis showing percentage burned
  • Post fire analysis
  • Monthly PDF plantation report
  • Online web-application