UAV Data Processing

Do you have a UAV, but don’t want to process the hundreds of images that you take? We offer a cost effective solution, whereby you simply upload the images to our server, and we will process them for you. Once the final image is ready, we will email you a link and you download it. It’s that simple! Please follow the link below to see our simple price plans.

  • Our expert processors with years of experience receive and check your data
  • The data is processed within 24 hours
  • Packages are in 6 month intervals, no need to pay or be charged for every upload
  • The data is secure on our servers – we will never share or use your data
  • The data is kept of the full package duration, so if you accidentally delete an image we can send it to you

Terrain mapping




Vegetation analysis


Volume calculation


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If you would like to get an instant estimate of your area of interest, please use our easy to use quoting tool via the link below. You can upload your area of interest via a file (kml or shapefile), the tool will calculate the area and then give you a price. A Swift Geospatial salesperson will also be in touch to provide a full quotation.



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Our simple UAV data processing pricing

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Plant Vigour

Photogrammetric volume calculation


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